Who we are

Netmedi was founded in 2012 at Aalto University in Finland by five software developers deeply passionate about health care. Today we have a versatile and growing team working together with world-leading medical experts to improve the future of health care.

Netmedi is backed by Reaktor Ventures, along with other venture capital funds and private investors, and is supported by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Meet our people

Lauri Sippola
Joel Lehikoinen
Kaarlo Haikonen
Head of Development
Henri Virtanen
Head of Product
Otto Seiskari
Data Science
Tuukka Peuraniemi
Software Development
Petri Avikainen
Software Development
Lauri Luotola
Software Development
Juho Haarnoja
Software Development
Riku Lääkkölä
Software Development
Teemu Konkola
Software Development
Emil Virkki
UX Design
Jaakko Laukkanen
Sales & Customers, Nordic
Dr. Michael Wagener
Sales & Customers, Germany
Dorian von Karsa
Customer Success
Paula Ingman
Customer Success
Matilda Mela
Sales & Patient Experience
Oskari Hyvärinen
Pauliina Meskanen
Customer Success
Noora Kykkänen
Communications & Marketing
Markku Pohjola
Senior Advisor
Marko Sirkiä
Medical Science
Mario Huyghe
International Business

We improve quality of life through health data science

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment. The road to recovery can be strenuous, which is why all possible means of support are needed to empower the patient throughout treatment. After treatment many patients feel abandoned and alone, and it should not be so. How can this be changed?

Modern health technology, combined with advanced medical treatments, has the potential to truly enable both effective and human-centric cancer care. Hearing the patients individual experience – the patient’s voice – should be a priority when evaluating the outcomes of the treatment.

In 2012, the founders of Netmedi decided to develop an intelligent digital application to support cancer patients. A solution that would individually guide each cancer patient, and at the same time provide valuable data on treatment outcomes to detect new ways of fighting cancer. Currently 20 clinics and institutes in Europe have integrated our solution, Kaiku® Health, to their workflow.

Our fully extensible and configurable technical health platform has also been applied to the follow-up on patient-reported outcomes also in other therapy fields, such as fertility treatments and occupational health care.

The company has grown to a team of 19 dedicated employees with versatile backgrounds. Co-working with leading specialists internationally ensures that we all keep learning from each other and stay at the forefront of improving the patients’ quality of life.

We believe that this is only the prelude to our story.

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