Configurable e-health platform for communication and data-based decision making

Fully extensible and configurable technical health platform adapts to any health care environment effortlessly.

The solution provides an effortless online communication tool for the patients and their care teams, reducing the manual work. Enables consistent information gathering online via customized surveys and questionnaires.  The information sharing is managed according to a configurable workflow.

Key features

  • All connections are encrypted using TLS, allowing it to be used safely even over an open WiFi.
  • Secure, role-based communication, 95/46/EC compliant
  • Supports video reception
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
The service can be configured to react to patient reported outcomes according to predetermined parameters. This enables personalized self-care instructions and reminders directly for the patient users as well as helps the care team to offer comprehensive and timely support.

Key features

  • Configurable and adaptive forms, email / SMS notifications and alerts
  • Automated individual follow-up programs
  • Identification of patients at risk and filtering according to urgency
Patient-reported information combined with therapeutic data opens significant new opportunities for evaluating and benchmarking on short- and long-term efficacy of care.

Key features

  • Multi-dimensional and adaptive outcome reporting
  • Individual patient outcome and process reports
  • Population-based reports and benchmarking tools
  • Clinical study support

Netmedi platform supporting preventive occupational health care

Our service platform has been proven in use by 30 000+ users.

Employees can easily follow their own health condition, provide information to their care team and communicate both online and through video connection.

Employers have their own HR -work space, enabling effortless document sharing and signing as well as secure communication with different interfaces.

Health care providers can complement their services with secure video connection and enhance their work flow with documenting tools. Automated employee screening and follow-up helps to detect health risks early on. Reporting tools support communicating the outcomes to the customer organizations.

How to get started

After the desired features and basic content elements have been defined by the client, the service is up and running in just 2 - 3 days. Usual steps:

  1. Technical deployment of the service (configuration, integrations)
  2. Branding and content planning (name, logo, visual, texts, questionnaires, reminders, etc.)
  3. User training for care team and key users
  4. Invitations to the first patients to sign in to the service
Start screen

Request a demo

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